Stanley Chin has been practicing the martial arts for over 37 years. He currently teaches Muso Shinden Ryu, and Ryushin Shouchi-ryu at New York Budokai, and is a member of Ryushin Shouchi-ryu – USA.

In 1970 he joined Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu (Tiger Claw System) headed by Sifu Wai Hong. His teacher was Sifu Tak Wah Eng. As part of the training, he participated in full contact sparring.

He joined New York Budokai in 1986 and began training under the late Yoshiteru Otani Sensei. Otani Sensei combined Samurai Zen philosophy and "intense training with a strong spirit", in teaching the art of Iaido.

For his final test before Otani Sensei in 1999, he was awarded Yondan (4th dan). He has trained with Phil Ortiz Sensei since 1995. He holds a rank of Godan (5th dan) in Muso Shinden ryu.

In 2007, he fulfilled a dream of going to Japan with Ortiz Sensei to train in the Ryushin Shouchi-ryu dojo, headed by Kawabata Terutaka Soke. The classes were taught by the current Soke, Yahagi Kunikazu. Besides katas and kumadachi with bokkens, his test included cutting bamboo stalks and rolled, thick, straw mats. He was awarded Nidan in Ryushin Shouchi-ryu.

As of 2009, Mr. Chin was promoted to Sandan (3rd dan) by Yahagi Kunikazu Soke.